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Orissa Henry

“My name is Orissa Henry and I live in Chicago Illinois. I have been silently suffering from Fibromyalgia for 5 years, which causes widespread pain all over the body and numerous other ailments. I have tried prescribed medications, exercise, changing eating habits and massages. All were just a temporary band aid. So, I accepted that I will just have to live my life in pain and continue pretending to everyone. that I am fine and keep up my daily fight to conquer the evil pain beast. While on the inside, I would be screaming and crying to the top of my lungs just to have 1 hour of pain relief for a day. Halloween 2018, I tried the Black seed oil and the RMx 2 after attending a meeting. Before then, I had tried everything else with no prevail. Initially, I was highly skeptical about receiving Any type of positive results. I decided to give it a chance and keep an open mind. Within 2 days, I notice a difference in my pain level so I figured, "Awww I just had a good day". After 2 weeks, I notice a significant difference and my family noticed it as well. I was feeling so good, that now I am reminding myself to take the daily dose. Now, by Day 30 totally profound difference in my pain...so much so that it makes me overwhelmed with joy knowing that I can FINALLY have some relief. I then told two of my sister about it ( also pain sufferers), they tried it and both have significant change just like I have. One of them became a store owner as well. I am truly Grateful and Thankful for Lee Bey and Dr. Rita McGuire for helping me to Reactivate the OLD ME that allows me to Rebuild a NEW ME.”